Future Projects

I love working on multiple projects all at once, so when people ask me what I'm working on next, it's a bit difficult to answer. So, I'm breaking it down according to what stage I'm at on each project.

Editing / Final Pre-Publishing Stages​​

  • Nothing new at present as I'm a little behind on finishing the 1st draft of my next book, but I am working on getting the audiobook versions of all the Generations of Love series out.

Writing Stage

  • Another Regency Love Series story called To Have and to Hold. This one will follow Matthew and Charlotte Bixby, who are residents of Greater Edgerton. They have a brief mention in The Honorable Choice as one of the mill owners who side with the Ashbrooks in the mill owner dispute, and it was their mill that raised wages first. In this book, we'll see Mary and Ambrose right after they marry and move to Greater Edgerton. And Dottie, of course!

Outlining / Brainstorming Stage​​

  • I've got a ton of ideas for various stories I'd love to write in the Generations of Love timeline! As the world continues to expand, more characters are coming out of the woodwork, and while some of the new books will revisit the Ashbrooks, Kingsleys, and Finches, I will be introducing more families as well. At present, I have no plans to conclude the series as there are always more stories to tell!

  • ​I plan on expanding into the American Wild West. My plan is to establish a few books in all three eras (Regency / Georgian, Victorian, and Wild West) and then bounce between them as the mood strikes. All three series will be tied together with similar characters. As a reader, I love when series do this because I get a chance to see the characters I fell in love with in previous books and see how they turn out. It's almost like the other books in the series serve as an extended epilogue for each of the couples after they reach their happily ever after.


  • I'm picking at a novella for the Villainy Consultant World that would be a retelling of Ricky of the Tuft, which is an obscure and seriously weird story. Honestly, I have no solid plans of when it's going to be done as other projects have taken precedence, but it's one that I work on from time to time.​

  • I've got at least one more book for the Villainy Consultant Series, though there's always room for more stories. At this point, I'm not ready to reveal anything about what I have planned, but there will be at least one or two more coming out in the future. I also plan on doing more short stories like Magic Slippers, but my main focus at present is writing historical romances. I will be revisiting the Villainy Consultant Series, but it's on the back-burner.


  • I'm in the brainstorming phase of a multi-level paranormal series. As of now, I'm looking at arranging it kind of like the Marvel Universe, where I'd have several series that are each standalone, but then with times where they overlap each other. It would feature werewolves, vampires, fae, ghosts, demons, and witches. I'm worldbuilding it all out, so it's pretty sketchy as of right now, but I see it being a pretty massive undertaking that will take years to finish. Right now, I'm focused on my historical romances, but this is a passion project of mine. I adore adult urban fantasy / paranormal romance, but it's near impossible to find series without objectionable content. I'd love to write a series that has all the drama, love, and action but without the language or sex.