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FAQ about My Romance Books

What's your next book and when will it be out?

Check out my "Future Projects" page to find out what I'm working on, and then go sign up for my VIP Reader Club. I'll send out updates every couple months to the members, letting them know what's going on. Second, I plan on publishing regularly. At this point, I've got something planned every three months or so. I hope to have a lot of content out as quick as I can produce it!


How many romance books will you publish?

There's no set number as of now. I have a ton of ideas, and I plan on jumping back and forth between historical romance and my fantasy books. All of them will be interconnected, with side characters from certain books getting their own stories later on. I will be publishing in the Regency and Victorian eras and then moving into the Wild West. So keep your eyes peeled since there's going to be a lot more coming.

How are the books all related?

The Regency and Victorian Love series are related, bouncing between the two different generations. Because of that, there's some confusion about how the books all work together. Check out the Generations of Love page to see the family tree.

What is the timeline for the series?

The first few books take place in order, but as the series goes on, they begin to jump around in the timeline. Check out the Generations of Love page to see the timeline.

What's wrong with Mina in The Shameless Flirt?!?!

Yes, she's tired all the time, but she's not seriously ill. She's pregnant! Being only a few weeks along, she and Simon aren't ready to announce it during the book, so there wasn't a good time to say it explicitly, but I did want to drop a few hints for my eagle-eyed readers.


What happened to Dottie and the scandal surrounding her in The Shameless Flirt?

Dottie, Ambrose, and Mary will make appearances in future books, but until those stories are told, here's a brief breakdown of their immediate future...

Ambrose and Mary do raise Dottie as their own, though technically she's their ward. Since adoption wasn't a thing back then and being illegitimate ruined the child's reputation, they claim she's a cousin of the Ashbrooks whose parents died when she was a baby. With a few well placed "donations", they're able to get her Christened Dorothy Hill (after Ambrose's mother's maiden name), and the Ashbrooks agree to keep it secret. Everyone else is none the wiser.


Ambrose and Simon go into business together and buy a cotton mill in Lancashire, where he and Mary buy a home there to oversee the operations and proceed to have a whole parcel of children.

I noticed typos (grammatical errors, formatting issues, or whatever else may be wrong) in your book. What should I do?

I work very, very, very (let me throw in a few more verys) hard to make sure my books are as polished as possible before publishing. I do have an editor and proofreaders (notice the plural), not to mention the countless hours I spend combing the words I've written for any imperfections. But that said, me and my team are human and mistakes can be made. Even traditionally published books have errors, so please do not take it as a sign of my books being inferior because I'm an indie author.


If you notice an issue, please use the contact page to shoot me a message. Please be as specific as you can, so I can fix the problem. The great thing about ebooks and print-on-demand hard copies is that I can always tweak things, so please let me know.

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