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A Light in the Dark

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A prodigal son hoping for redemption. A virtuous lady with a tattered reputation. Both fear the future, but together, they might find the peace they crave.


When Hazel Potts received a large inheritance from a friend, she knew her life would change—though she thought it would be for the better. But as people begin to whisper concerning the nature of her relationship with that gentleman, Hazel’s reputation quickly begins to tatter. Longing for freedom, she dreams of a life away from gossip and judgment, but between her fears and her duty to her family, she is trapped and unable to find a way forward.


Lucas Ashbrook knows a thing or two about shattered reputations. 


When he ruined a young lady nine years ago, it was his younger brother who agreed to marry her. Ostracized from his family, Lucas escaped to America and found nothing but heartache. Now a changed man, he returns home in hopes that he can heal the damage he’s done, but when his brother only sees betrayal and deceit and the rest of the town sees only the cavalier wastrel he once was, Lucas struggles with balancing the man he was with the man he is now.


The prodigal son can change, can’t he?


Two souls not looking for love, but when they stumble upon one another, they discover a new possibility they never considered. In each other, they find solace, understanding, and perhaps, a chance to rewrite their narratives—but only if Hazel and Lucas dare to defy expectations and dare to dream of something better.


Will fear dictate their futures? Or will they find the love and acceptance they seek?

COMING May 21st

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