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FAQ about My Fantasy Books

What's your next book and when will it be out?

Check out my "Future Projects" page to find out what I'm working on, and then go sign up for my VIP Reader Club. I'll send out updates every couple of months to the members, letting them know what's going on. Second, I plan on publishing regularly. At this point, I've got something planned every three months or so. I hope to have a lot of content out as quick as I can produce it!


How many books will be in The Tréaltha Series?

There are three full-length novels and two novellas. As far as I am concerned, the series is over. While I do have a few ideas for spin-offs, the main characters in the series have gotten their happily ever afters, and I do not anticipate revisiting them. Let Annie and Emma have their quiet, good lives. They've earned a bit of a rest.


How many books will be in the Geoffrey P. Ward: Villainy Consultant Series?

This is a complicated answer, mostly because I have a lot of different ideas bouncing around my head. For certain, there will be three books and an anthology of fairy tales. Besides the manual, there will be two novels following Geoffrey's life. After that, we'll see...


I noticed typos (grammatical errors, formatting issues, or whatever else may be wrong) in your book. What should I do?

I work very, very, very (let me throw in a few more verys) hard to make sure my books are as polished as possible before publishing. I do have an editor and proofreaders (notice the plural), not to mention the countless hours I spend combing the words I've written for any imperfections. But that said, me and my team are human and mistakes can be made. Even traditionally published books have errors, so please do not take it as a sign of my books being inferior because I'm an indie author.


If you notice an issue, please use the contact page to shoot me a message. Please be as specific as you can, so I can fix the problem. The great thing about ebooks and print-on-demand hard copies is that I can always tweak things, so please let me know.

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