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More Good Books to Read

Like most authors, I'm an avid reader. However, unlike most authors, I do think I hit more into the obsessive range than simply "avid". That might sound like an extreme classification, but in 2015 I read two hundred new books. If you count all the books I re-read just because I love them so darn much, that number would be closer to three hundred; there were roughly a dozen books or so that I ended up reading five or six times a piece.

Let's just say that having the Kindle app on my phone and the fact that my Kindle fits in my purse has turned a hobby into a bit of an addiction. In 2016, I actually made it a goal to read less, simply because I knew that if I kept spending all my free time reading others' works, I'd never get around to finishing my own. So, I cut back to one hundred.

Now that I've established how much I love to read, I would like to put it on the record that finding good books is one of my most favoritest things to do, but recommending the good books I find comes in at a close second. So, after you've finished reading my most amazing books and are hunkering for another good read, check out the webpages listed under the "More Good Books to Read" tab. Each list features a specific type of book and if you click on the book, it'll open up to the Goodreads page with a summary of the book. If you want individual reviews of books, check out my Goodreads page. I may build more lists in the future, so sign up for my newsletter to get updates when I add to these lists.

And feel free to disagree with me about my recommendations. These are only my opinions and you're entitled to yours as much as I am to mine.

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