The Shameless Flirt

A rogue with a silver tongue. A spinster with an iron heart.


Ambrose Ashbrook has spent his life hiding. Even his family see nothing but the roguish facade he has carefully crafted to conceal the secret burdening his heart. But when he finds an abandoned infant, all his pretenses are upended with one look at her dimpled smile.


Knowing his sister is far better equipped to deal with the babe, Ambrose strikes out for the country, determined to give her a better future than the foundling homes have to offer. It is only a day’s journey. An easy distance. Caring for an infant cannot be that difficult…


Mary Hayward cannot abide empty compliments and false flattery. Such things turned her head once and landed her with a shattered heart, and she would never allow that to happen again. So being trapped in a public coach with a gentleman who has an overabundance of both is the last thing Mary wants.


But the gentleman is so clearly incapable of caring for his young charge that she had no choice but to step in and lend a hand.


If only the gentleman would stop spouting his flirtatious nonsense! No charming and handsome gentleman could sincerely flatter a plain spinster like herself…Or could he?


Set in Regency era England, The Shameless Flirt is a sweet romance about the lengths people go to protect their fragile hearts and scarred souls, and the happiness to be found in opening up to love.


Though part of the Regency Love Series, it is a standalone story, and the entire series can be read in any order.


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" the first two books it’s a slow and steady read that builds the characters and endears you to them so at the end you can take a deep breath and sigh, glad they were smart enough to figure it all out. I like this series because the characters have hard lives, they have to get over their pride at times and open up and communicate with each other... it’s like real life."

Goodreads Review

"I jumped into this series in the middle of it but I’ll be going back to read the first two..."

Goodreads Review

"Here is the problem with M.A. Nichols books: They are nearly impossible for me to put down! I read the second book in this series..."

Amazon Review

"This book has echoes of other stories, but it is original. I couldn’t predict what was going to happen, and it was a very pleasant surprise. With well developed characters that are a joy to spend time with, and glimpses of the characters from the previous two books, I completely enjoyed this book, and all in this series."

Amazon Review