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The Shameless Flirt

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A rogue with a silver tongue, a spinster with an iron heart, and the doorstep baby that brings them together.


Ambrose Ashbrook spends his life hiding. Even his family sees nothing but the roguish facade he hides behind. But when he finds an abandoned infant, all pretense is upended with one look at her dimpled smile. Knowing his sister is better equipped to help the child, Ambrose climbs aboard a carriage bound for the country. 


It’s only a day’s journey. An easy distance. Caring for a baby cannot be that difficult…


Mary Hayward despises flirts. One broke her heart, and she won’t allow it to happen again, so being trapped in a public coach with a chatty charmer is the last thing she wants. But when it’s clear the gentleman is struggling to care for his young charge, Mary has no choice but to lend a hand.


If only he would be quiet! A gentleman like him cannot possibly be interested in a plain spinster like herself… Could he?

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