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The Jack of All Trades

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An heiress looking to escape. A gentleman searching for purpose. Together they may just find love.


Felicity Barrows is no fool, though the fortune hunters pestering her must believe differently. What other reason could they have for hounding her every step, showering her with honeyed words and false compliments, expecting her to fall straight into their calculating arms? Better to remain a spinster than marry unhappily—if she could only get some peace from their incessant overtures.


Some time away in the country is just what she needs to clear her head. But when her respite is interrupted by a troublesome bachelor, Felicity has no choice but to hide who she is. It’s only a little white lie, after all.


Lewis Finch’s life is set. Unable to distinguish himself in the gentlemanly profession his father chose for him, Finch scrapes by on the charity of his family and friends. Without an income, he cannot marry, a fact he’s come to accept. Yet when an infuriatingly cheerful lady literally stumbles into his path, Finch finds himself longing for that which he cannot have.


But the beguiling lady’s companion may be more than she seems…

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