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The Christmas Wish

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She wished for love, and it came true. But what if it’s all a lie?


Evelyn Finch has given up on love. Finding a man to dance with her was difficult enough; finding one to spend his life with her was impossible. Better to embrace spinsterhood and rid herself of that false hope. No man will see her in a romantic light. But when a dashing gentleman sweeps into her life, reigniting her dreams, Evelyn can’t help but wonder if her greatest wish will finally come true.


But he’s not all he appears to be…


Desperation can make a person do foolish things. Though Gideon Payne hadn’t thought himself so ridiculous as to agree to a fake courtship, when Evelyn’s father comes begging for that very thing, Gideon finds himself agreeing. He has the wherewithal to help her find her footing in society, and she has the sterling reputation that will help to repair his ruined one. A mutually beneficial arrangement. That is all.


But the plain wallflower is not at all what Gideon expected. And this simple Christmas courtship soon becomes something far more complicated.


Can a romance started with a lie become something real? Or will good intentions lead to broken hearts?

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