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Tempest and Sunshine

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A disastrous declaration. A broken heart. Can they get it right the second time?


Courageous or foolish? Marian Wakefield hadn’t thought herself either, but when she confessed her love to her closest friend, Marian discovered she had a hearty helping of both. And a broken heart to boot.


No man shall ever secure her affection as he had, but with spinsterhood looming, her father gives her a choice—find herself a husband or he will do it for her. Must Marian settle for a marriage of convenience? Why does fate hate her so?


Blind or foolish? George Finch hadn’t thought himself either, but when his dear Marian revealed her undying love to him, George’s wits failed him. And then doubly so when he married another lady, possessed of beauty, grace, and poise and little else. A marriage based on attraction and without friendship was bound to fail, and in the years since Marian’s heartfelt declaration, he’s had ample time to realize his mistake.


Now widowed, fate has granted George a second chance to win his friend’s heart before her father’s ultimatum forces her to bind herself to another. 


But how can he when Marian won’t even speak to him?

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