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A Light in the Dark

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This village isn’t large enough for the both of them…


Dr. Arthur Vaughn wants a quiet life far from the chaos of the city. Just a simple country living where he can focus on his work rather than cutthroat competition and infuriating social politics. And when his friend tells him of an opportunity in a distant village, Arthur can’t leave London fast enough.


Oakham is just what the doctor ordered. 


Especially after he stumbles upon an intriguing and all-too appealing lady with a talent for medicine. If only he could find a way to talk to her without tripping over his words…


Violet Templeton’s life isn’t perfect, but it is predictable. Between assisting her lazy brother with his medical practice, running her family’s apothecary shop, and helping her mother maintain the household, Violet has no time for anything out of the ordinary. Until a fancy new doctor arrives in town.


With patients flocking to him in droves and her family’s income on the brink of collapse, Violet must do something to save them from ruin. Whether or not he realizes it, Dr. Vaughn stirred up a war she is determined to win. 


Violet must protect her family’s future. One way or another.

COMING August 20th

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