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Love in Disguise

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He wanted peace. She wanted quiet. Together they found trouble.

Rosanna Leigh must find a husband. For her sake, she wants a happy marriage and a quiet life, but her parents demand a gentleman of consequence. Preferably a nobleman. At the very least, a wealthy heir. Certainly not a dashing servant with a smile that makes Rosanna’s heart skip a beat.

And despite her better judgment, she finds herself drawn to him…

Malcolm Tate is a matrimonial prize, and many a matchmaking mama has tried to catch him for her daughter. Fleeing London, he seeks solitude in the countryside where he needn’t worry about their mercenary machinations. But when a gorgeous and intriguing young lady literally falls into his arms, Malcolm longs for a way to court her in peace.

When she mistakes him for a servant, Malcolm can’t help but take advantage of the opportunity. It’s just a bit of playacting. His name and money are only minor details, after all.

Aren’t they?

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