Honor and Redemption

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A childhood love longing to make amends. A daughter fighting to break free. A mother struggling to protect her. Tormented by the past, can they build a better future?


Six years ago, tragedy tore Eloise and Patrick apart. Shouldering the burden of his brother’s death, he spent years drinking himself into oblivion. Now freed from that darkness, Patrick Lennox returns to reclaim the heart of the young lady he left behind. 


Can she forgive the man who abandoned her without a word?


Eloise Andrews has enough troubles in her life without Patrick stirring things up. Her mother is a heartless beast who controls every aspect of her life, and Eloise is determined to break free of her—even if it means destroying the perfect reputation her mother is desperate to save.


But not all wounds can be seen, and perhaps something more lurks beneath her mother’s frosty demeanor…


Years of torment taught Emmeline Andrews the power of shielding one’s heart behind a sterling reputation, and she will do everything she can to ensure her children are protected against society’s cruelty. But with her daughter determined to ruin herself and Emmeline’s own marriage crumbling to pieces, she has to decide whether or not that precious reputation is a shield or a jail.


Jumping between two generations, Honor and Redemption is a story about how our mistakes can shape our world and how the bond between mother and daughter, friends and sweethearts can break when we are afraid to open our hearts.


Though part of the Regency Love series, each book is a standalone sweet historical romance and can be read in any order.


"I absolutely loved this book!!! The entire series is amazing but this last one surpasses all of the others!!!"

Amazon Review


"...I found this book terribly difficult to read, but in a wonderful way. The main characters are all SO FLAWED, but understanding how they each became that way, and then desperately wanting to make things right, was beautiful. This story hurt my heart, but the pay off made it all worth it."

Amazon Review

"I cried through most of it. Honestly, the characters were so three dimensional. I loved how the previous books and the first chapters set Emmeline up to be the villain. But she didn’t stay that way. You can’t hate anyone in the book because you get to see their struggles and their lowest points. I loved it!"

Amazon Review

"Most Regency books have hard things that are still polished and polite. This is a Regency book with a rawness I’m not used to. It was so much more realistic and thought-provoking."

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