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His Mystery Lady

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She thought it was love. He thought she was someone else.


Between keeping his father from bankrupting their mill and managing his mother’s and sisters’ fretting, David Archer has enough on his plate, thank you very much. Love and marriage never crossed his mind. But when a chance encounter at a masquerade throws the perfect lady in his path, David knows he’s found the woman of his dreams. No other will do.

If only he knew her name.

Surely, someone must know her identity, and David won’t stop searching until he finds her again.

Overlooked by her family and ignored by society, Katherine Leigh knows better than to dream of marriage and love—no gentleman wants a spinster. But her silly heart can’t help but hope for one man in particular to see her as more than a plain wallflower.

David started as her brother’s best friend and became hers as well. Now, Katherine can’t help but hope for something more—especially when he steals a kiss during the masquerade. But when their masks are gone, and their relationship remains unchanged, Katherine realizes an awful truth: he didn’t know it was her in the costume.

Nursing her wounded pride and broken heart, Katherine is left with a difficult decision. Tell him and risk their friendship in the wild hope that he will love her despite previous disinterest? Or stay quiet and settle for the safety of what always has been?

Can he love the real woman beneath the mask or does his heart belong only to his mystery lady?

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