Hearts Entwined

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A gentleman and lady on the brink of matrimony…


Victoria loves Elijah.


Oliver loves Sophie.


Romance ought to be that simple. But with no dowry, Victoria cannot marry a pauper. Nor can Oliver wed the daughter of the woman who nearly ruined his parents’ life thirty years ago. Surely, a marriage based on mutual affection and friendship is enough.


Isn’t it?


But when all four are thrown together during a house party, Victoria and Oliver discover that deciding one’s future isn’t as easy as saying, “I do.” One month is all they have to choose whether duty to one’s family comes before the duty to one’s heart. Can a marriage of love endure prejudice and disdain or is a marriage of convenience the better option? 


Whose heart must be broken?

The Victorian Love series is a spin-off series that follows the children of the heroes and heroines of the Regency Love Series. Each book in both series is a standalone sweet historical romance and can be read in any order.