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Geoffrey P. Ward's Guide to Villainy

young adult urban fantasy series book cover

Successful villains aren’t born. They’re made.


Unless you're born into the role of hero or handed it by misguided fairy godmothers, you can never hope to achieve anything beyond the measly life you've got. At least that's what the fairy tale fops would have you believe. They prefer people to think that only divine destiny allows others the right to join their exclusive club, but fate isn't a good enough reason to let the heroes get all the glory.


However, from "once upon a time" to "happily ever after", heroes have stacked the deck against the intrepid villains. Until now.


Geoffrey P. Ward is the world’s foremost (and only) fairy tale villain consultant, and in this guide, he outlines all the critical tips for success you need to achieve your villainous goals. Whether looking to overthrow a kingdom or put your unruly stepdaughter in her place, Geoffrey P. Ward’s Guide to Villainy will give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.


Because even villains deserve a happily ever after.



Geoffrey P. Ward’s Guide to Villainy is a satirical how-to guide for fairy tale villains that uses the characters of those classic stories to illustrate the narrator’s snarky (yet impeccable) advice. It’s perfect for fans of fractured fairy tales delivered with a heavy dose of humor.


Praise for Geoffrey P. Ward’s Guide to Villainy


“An essential read for stepmothers, conquerors, evil fairies, and the like. If you’re making villainous plans, you’ve got to read this first. It changed my life, and it will change yours.” — Queen Maricela of Glendonia


“Ward is the expert on villainy, and this book is the expert guide on it. Period.” — Lord Phillip Westerly of the Falian Fiefdom


“Insightful and entertaining. Ward’s guide is the perfect aid to the villainously inclined.” — Fulke Quinlain, Grandmaster of the Henchmen Guild


“Success as a villain comes from careful planning and focused goals. This is a masterful and practical book that will give readers all the tools they need to do that.” — Beatrix Ivers Kirkus, Stepmother


“Ward’s advice is pivotal to anyone wanting to make a living as a villain.” — Evelyn Markus, Evil Fairy


"Creative and well-written, I would recommend this book to fairy tale fans, especially those who might find themselves sympathizing with the villains in a tale or two..."

Goodreads Review

"And much of the narrator's advice works for the here and now, as well. Funny and interesting read that takes familiar woes to a fantasy world where they can be crushed in a villainous fist."

Goodreads Review

"I found myself chuckling all though this creative 'guide'. If you're a villain and need help setting goals, this is the book for you. Loved it."

Amazon Review

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