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Geoffrey P. Ward's Guide to Questing

young adult urban fantasy series book cover

Not all quests are heroic. And neither are all heroes.


Writing his memoir wasn’t something Geoffrey P. Ward had ever planned to do. He had enough on his plate, thank you very much, and that sort of self-indulgent behavior didn’t appeal to him. But answering the same questions about his backstory over and over irritated him more. Yes, he started off as a hero before he became the world famous fairy tale villain consultant he is today. When he mentioned it in passing in his Guide to Villainy, it hadn’t seemed that big a deal. Apparently, not. And now, he’s stuck penning the story about the grand quest that drove him from hero to villain all to appease people’s curiosity and to save his sanity.


And if that wasn’t bad enough, another quest comes knocking on his door. Literally.


Ugh. Princesses are really more bother than they’re worth. Even if they are rather intriguing at times…

Bouncing between the quest that began Geoffrey’s villainy career and the quest that may end it, Geoffrey P. Ward’s Guide to Questing is a hilarious romp into the murky world of fairy tale heroes and villains as Geoffrey comes face to face with giants and trolls, fairies and witches, princes and princesses, and everything between.


Geoffrey P. Ward’s Guide to Questing is the standalone sequel to Geoffrey P. Ward’s Guide to Villainy that is one part The Princess Bride and one part fractured fairy tale.



"Funny fairytale! I don't normally read fantasy or fairy tales books but I must admit I enjoyed reading this story. And I like the style of this author, witty and self-deprecating but also very good at carving out characters and their personal development in the story." Review

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