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An Accidental Courtship

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Two sisters, one beau, plus one poorly addressed love letter equals one tricky courtship.


Prudence Leigh is well on her way to being a spinster. That dreadful future may be a few years away, but with every man chasing after her beautiful younger sister, Prudence has little hope of finding love. But when she receives a letter filled with heartfelt declarations, she discovers it’s not too late for her.


But for such an ardent beau in writing, the gentleman acts quite strangely in person…


Penmanship is not an important skill. Or so Dr. Parker Humphreys thought—until his love letter is delivered to the wrong sister!


Surely, this must be a jest. When Parker arrives at the town ball, he hopes to discover if Miss Rosanna Leigh accepted his declaration of love. Instead, her plain elder sister is hanging at his elbow, gazing up at him with stars in her eyes. Now, Parker is stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place.


What lady would accept a beau after he broke her elder sister’s heart? Yet he cannot let this mistake stand—he loves Rosanna! If only he can get Prudence to realize how poorly they suit each other. Then she would break with him, and Parker would be free. Yes, a temporary courtship might be the ticket. Surely, that can work.


Yet despite his oddest behavior, Miss Leigh seems determined to keep him.


And Parker isn’t so certain he wants to be free of her.

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