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A Dark Destiny

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An ageless prison. An ancient evil. War is coming.


The Group may be united again, but they’re still stumbling in the dark. They know what the Dark Knights want, but stopping it from happening is a whole other matter. Racing against time, they scour the globe to find the missing Lock and Key — the two final talismans that hold the power to keep Balgar and his armies locked inside the Drogue.


If only they knew where to start looking.


And if only their future didn’t rest in the shaking hands of Emma Shaw.


Blood ties Emma to the fate of the talismans, but she knows she doesn’t have the strength to wield them. With the final battle looming before her, Emma must decide if she can be the Warden the Group needs.


But how can someone like her expect to stand up against the Dark Knights? She’s no savior…


A Dark Destiny is the explosive conclusion to The Shadow Army Trilogy.


Buy your copy today and see how the journey ends!

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