A True Gentleman

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They say reformed rakes make the best husbands. They were wrong.


Ten years ago, Tabby Russell married the man of her dreams, but when he returns to his dissipated habits, she realizes too late that there’s no going back on her wedding vows. Penniless and desperate, Tabby has no other choice but to become a lowly housekeeper and nurse to an irritating and overbearing sailor.


Captain Graham Ashbrook adores the navy, but when a French cannonball leaves him broken, Graham finds himself trapped at his sister’s estate, desperate to heal himself and reclaim the life he loves—at any cost. 


But when his sister hires an intriguing nurse to watch over him, Graham finds himself wondering if life on land might not be so bad. Even if the lady in question is determined to keep him at arm’s length…

Though part of the Regency Love series, each book is a standalone sweet historical romance and can be read in any order.


"I opened this book looking for a fluffy regency romance... and came away with the resolve to be a better person. Wow! Well written, inspiring, and so true to life that I was blown away."

Goodreads Review

"Her stories draw me in and keep me there. I like the charachters have depth. There is a message or meaning in her stories but there is no moralizing. It gives you food for thought."

Goodreads Review

"I have read the first and now the second book in the series and I’m totally drawn in. I cannot wait wait to read the third one. This was such a bittersweet love story it was difficult to put the book down..."

Amazon Review

"I read the first book in the series and loved it, so I anticipated the second book's release. It did not let me down... I really enjoyed it and it was so hard to walk away from. [Nichols'] writing pulls you in... I look forward to her next book and will look into other books."

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