A Stolen Kiss

It was only a little kiss…


Lily Kingsley knows what the future has in store for her. At twenty-eight, it was time to give up on romantic fantasies and accept that spinsterhood was all that awaited her. She was too tall, too round, and too overlooked to hope for anything else. However, that does not mean she was willing to give up on all her dreams. If nothing else, Lily would know what it was like to be kissed. And she had the perfect gentleman in mind.


Jack Hatcher had only gone into the library for a bit of peace and quiet. Just a few minutes away from the crowded ballroom to relax on his own. But when lady bursts in on his solitude, mistakes him for someone else, and then launches herself into his arms, Jack discovers that the woman in his arms stirs emotions he’d never thought to feel. If only those busybodies hadn’t walked in at the wrong moment!


The only solution is an engagement, so why does the lady in question keep fighting it every step of the way?


And why does that gruff, controlling gentleman Lily mistakenly kissed seem so eager to go forward with it?


Set in Victorian era England, A Stolen Kiss is a sweet romance about the importance of grabbing onto love when we find it, even if it comes in unexpected ways.

The Victorian Love Series is a spin-off of the Regency Love Series and follows the next generation. All the novels are standalone stories and can be read in any order.

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Coming April 2020