A Stolen Kiss

It was only a little kiss…


Lily Kingsley knows it’s time to abandon her romantic fancies and accept spinsterhood. No man has ever noticed her, and that is unlikely to change, but that does not mean she must abandon the last of her dreams: her first kiss. And she knows the perfect gentleman to enlist in that endeavor.

Just one kiss, and then she will happily accept her solitary lot. 

Jack Hatcher hates surprises. In his experience, they are nothing but a deviation from his carefully constructed plans. Structure and order are paramount to success—whether professional or personal—and any unanticipated alteration is rarely an improvement. But when a beguiling lady mistakes him for someone else and launches herself into his arms, Jack discovers that not all surprises are bad.

Then busybodies catch them in their illicit embrace, and an engagement is the only solution. So, why is the lady in question refusing? But Lily wanted a kiss and not a fiancé bound to her by duty and obligation, so why is the overbearing gentleman forcing her hand?

Set in Victorian era England, A Stolen Kiss is a sweet romance about the importance of seizing love when we find it, even if it comes in unexpected ways.

Though part of a series, each book is a standalone story and can be read in any order.  The Victorian Love Series is a spin-off of the Regency Love Series and follows the next generation of heroes and heroines.


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