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A Stolen Kiss

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A mistaken kiss. A forced engagement. Can it become something more?


Lily Kingsley is destined for spinsterhood, but she refuses to accept that fate without receiving her first kiss. Luckily, she knows the perfect gentleman to enlist. Unluckily, she mistakes him for another and ends up in the arms of an overbearing and exceptionally frustrating merchant. And her troubles compound when busybodies catch them in their illicit embrace.


An engagement is the only solution, but Lily doesn’t want a fiancé who’s only doing his duty. Especially one who manipulates her into accepting it for the time being. Somehow she must make him see how ill-suited they are. 


But why is the fellow so determined to see their engagement through?


Jack Hatcher hates surprises, but when a beguiling lady mistakes him for someone else and launches herself into his arms, he discovers not all surprises are bad. Marriage was not in Jack’s plans, but Lily stirs something inside him he never expected to feel.


But with his fiancé desperate to break with him and a new enemy wooing Lily away, Jack discovers that force of will won’t keep her by his side. Can he find a way to win her heart before it’s lost forever?

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