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A Passing Fancy

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Friendship may blossom. Feelings may stir. But is it two lonely souls seeking companionship? Or perhaps something more?


When Silas Byrnes married, he wasn’t expecting a happy ending for him and his wife. Theirs was a union of duty and not love, but fourteen years of marriage had been a misery for them both. Luckily the navy rarely allowed him time ashore. Now widowed, Silas has no choice but to return to a house that doesn’t feel like home and reclaim his children, who are determined to hate him as their mother did.


With a new business to start and his household in an uproar, Silas needs an ally to help him navigate the mess his life has become, and his children’s governess might just fit the bill. If only the lady wasn’t so determined to keep him at arm’s length.


Judith Delmonte knows her place. A governess must remain aloof and guarded around her employers, for though she works with the family, she is not one of them. Nor does she belong among the servants’ ranks. Neither fish nor fowl, as they say. A solitary life, but one for which Judith is grateful. Better to earn her keep than live off her aunt and uncle’s charity.


When a lady is unfortunate to be poor and plain, there is no other choice for her. Spinsterhood is not such a terrible thing if one can provide for oneself.


Yet she cannot keep her heart in check when faced with the struggling widower determined to win his children’s affection. They say love conquers all, but Judith knows a man’s affection cannot see past surface attractions or social divide.


Or can it?

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