Slang & Idioms



General mild expletive, like "freaking".


don't poke the dragon

Don't stir up trouble where there isn't any.


break a bayard

Being extremely stubborn. Originates from the fact that bayards are notoriously stubborn.


completely spent

Being out of magic.


cost the donkey

Extremely expensive. Originates from the fairy tale Donkeyskin in which the king of a country is required to kill his magical donkey.


dancing with the devil

Being on the edge of serious trouble. Originates from "Devil in the Woods", a nickname for the ajatar dragon, whose pestilential breath was a key ingredient to a very potent heath spell. It was common for those to try and harvest some of its magic, though it was a very tricky thing that often ended with deaths or injuries.



General mild explitive, like "freaking" or stupid. Originates from the fact that before proper plumbing, the lowest type of job were the "dungers" that were in charge of clearing streets of dung.



Companies that harvest blood for consumption and magical use.


hiding the horn

Trying to cover up something that can't be hidden. Originates from The Goat and the Goatherd from Aesop's Fables.



Derrogative term for venedripios used by pariomagums. Most commonly used to mean Wizards, because they are by far the most predominate group of venedripios. It's a play on the fact that leeches are bloodsuckers and Wizards are magical by sucking the magic out of others.



Destroying a wand by forcing two opposing strands of magic together.



Idiot. Originates from the name Merlin.


mossy or moss

Pet name, generally used by mothers for their children.



Non-magics or those who neither produce nor can use magic.



Police. Originates from the name of their section of the government, the Protection and Investigation Division or PID.


wouldn't trade diamonds for toads

Similar to "look a gift horse in the mouth". It comes from the fairy tale Toads and Diamonds.


Plants, Animals, and Creatures


I've had people comment on my random (or seemingly so) use of capitalization when it comes to the creatures listed in my books. I use it very specifically. If a word is capitalized, it generally denotes an ethnic group or nationality. If it is lowercased, that is generally a species name. For example, afancs are animals and the word only serves as a species name. Banshees are a species of humanoid creature, but they are also an ethnic group with their own language and culture.



A water dwelling creature that looks half-crocodile and half-beaver.



A creature that has a serpentine lizard body with knobbly armored spines along its back and a ruff of feathers around its head and neck. It's known to sing like a bird.



Emaciated humanoid creatures that can sense death. Their eyes tend to be red from the constant crying over the losses they feel around them and are known to wail when they come near a person about to die.



Horse-like creature known for its stubbornness. It's back can stretch to fit multiple riders, but it is hard to tame.



A type of tilwith. They have white, almost blue skin with pink eyes, and massive skin folds. They look like a cross between a pug and a hairless mole rat. They do have beautiful golden hair. 



Subterranean creatures known for their love of practical jokes. They're covered in white hair and have thick claws perfect for digging.



Humanoid creatures that stand about 10-12 inches tall. They're known for helping out around houses, but get easily offended and can be quite nasty if not treated well.



Carnivorous water creature that looks like a manatee.



Humanoid creatures that stand around 14-18 inches tall, though they tend to move quickly enough that they're rarely seen. They love playing pranks on people, especially pulling chairs out from under people before they sit.


Canterbury bells

Flowers whose blossoms sound like bells when moved.


Cupid's dart

Flowers that have the appears of a bleeding heart. They have the ability to make people fall in love if touched.



A general term for reptilian creatures.



Legend says that they are descended from The Three Sisters, who found the Réaltan when they fell to earth. Each Sister took one of the stones and over the years, it changed her. As their powers grew, they divided the world between them, giving each dominion over that part. It is their duty to watch over and care for it and the inhabitants. Nymphs took the earth, Sirens took the skies, and Merfolk took the waters.



Also known as "Water Widows". These humanoid creatures have pale, almost iridescent skin. Their hair is green and floats around them like sea grass. They're beautiful and live in fresh water, luring men to join them in their depths.



Humanoid creature with the features and coloring of a fawn.



Spindly flowers that give off pink, purple, and green light. Also known as "the aurora".



A race of giants known for their metalworking ability. They're a mostly subterranean race that live deep in the mountains.



Animal with the foreparts of an eagle and the rear, tail and hindquarters of a lion.



Grasshopper-winged pixies that live in the woods.



Creatures that are from two of more different species.



Bird creatures with the torso and face of a human. They're more animal than human and can be very vicious, if handled wrong.



Humanoid forest creatures. While mostly human in appearance, their skin is slightly gray and their hair is almost always black and they live underground.



A general term for creatures that look human, but are not.



Creatures whose bodies are made up of a smoke-like substance. They can form the smoke into physical forms, when needed, but mostly look like columns of smoke. They can fly and pass through solid forms.



A creature that looks like a skunk with tentacles. It lives on land and sea equally and sprays pink goo when it's afraid. The goo sticks pretty bad to whatever it hits, blinding its victim.



Humanoid creatures whose primary ability is to control fire. They are generally nocturnal and found living deep underground.



Sea dwelling creatures that are part human, part fish. They have the ability to shapeshift and alter their fins into legs as they choose. They are the strongest users of body magic and use it to control the oceans and seas with it.



Flower that is very poisonous.



Nymphs are almost indistinguishable from humans, except for their pointy ears. They live among nature and are considered by most to be the caretakers of the earth and its inhabitants. They have power over growing things and animals. They are especially gifted in mind magic.


pariomagums ("mages")

Magic producers. Sometimes that magic is radiated out, like a constant radio signal, and sometimes it is contained within themselves.



Winged deer.



Pixies with dragonfly wings. They have no magic whatsoever, though they're often classified as magical, because during the Separation, nomags went after any creatures they deemed magic, which included Pillywiggins.



A general term for small, winged creatures.



Grass that sounds like its quacking.



Winged humans that have strong ties to spirit magic. They are known to have the power to enslave the souls of men.



White, bell-like flowers that give off flakes of snow from the blossoms.



Pixies that glow and burn, like sparks.



Holiday honoring death. Celebrated October 31st to November 2nd.



Short creatures that stand roughly one foot tall. They dig their homes underground, often under running water, and are known for their love of dancing and music.


tree of dreams

A man-eating tree whose bark changes to reflect the face of that which it eats. Nymphs bury their dead at the roots of the tree, so that the face of their loved ones will be captured in the bark.


venedripios (“venies”)

Those that can use magic, but do not produce it on their own, such as Wizards.



Tree-like creatures that have the power to see the past, present, and future. They are short, built like children with bark skin and leaves for hair.



Humans who have the ability to sense magic and manipulate it.



Pixies with butterfly wings who have the ability to see the future.


Spells and Magical Objects


A talisman that gives the wearer the ability to turn into an animal.



A two-person seated flyer. It looks similar to a jet ski. Air-Runner is a brand name.



A type of flyer that can float, but doesn't fly on its own. It is pulled behind other flyers and used for recreation rather than transport.


body magic

One of the three types of magic. It has the power over the physical realm. It can manipulate the four fundamental forces: gravity, weak interaction, strong interaction, and electromagnetism. These forces control how everything is attracted or repulsed.



Potion Emma is trying to develop. It's an additive used in other potions to shorten the cooking time. It doesn't work so far.



A small ball that is removes all magic strands in the air within 30-50' range. It is used in law enforcement to keep a perpetrator from being able to continually arm themselves. It is a last resort type of weapon, because they're expensive and tend to destroy the magic it absorbs.



The official name for the Body Réaltan.



Self-driving vehicle. They have a round body with large wheels that look like rubberized carriage wheels or very large bicycle tires. They genearlly fit 4-6 people, but there are larger and smaller ones out there. This (like the GUTS) is primarily a Wizard form of transportation, though others may use them. It is very unusual for people to own a coshe privately. Most coshes are public transportation and can be summoned when needed.


The Dark Prison

Another name for the Drogue.



One of the Tréaltha. The Dark Knights have searched for the Drogue since it was created in 700BC. It was used against Balgar, their first leader, as a way to imprison him and his legions.



A brand of soda. Similar to Mountain Dew.



Inanimate objects created for the purpose of flying. They can take many different forms, everything from boards to shoes to broomsticks to umbrellas. Boards are the most common form of flyer.


Global Underground Transportation System (GUTS)

Subway system run by magic that spans the world. All major cities have a GUTS station that can be accessed through speculars.



A general term for a spell that has a negative effect.



Potion that allowed the user to transport across the world in a cloud of smoke. It uses the magic of the Jinn.



The official name for the Mind Réaltan.


mind magic

One of the three types of magic. It has the power to manipulate the mind, including thoughs, emotions, and memory. The user does not have the ability to control the person or how they react to the manipulation.


Moddey Dhoo

Guardian spell that takes the form of a black, shaggy dog that prowls Saint Patrick's Isle.  



Spells that are made with the magic of pariomagums (mages) that do not radiate their magic. In order to access their magic, it has to be leeched from their tissue. Potions are mostly liquid, but can be in other forms (such as powders or vapors or solids). Potions require exactness and an eye for detail to be successful.



A stone that is imbued with magic. They are created by placing them next to one of the Réaltan. The magic from the Réaltan is absorbed into the réalteag.  How potent the réalteag becomes depends on how long it incubates. The lesser stones are nothing more than wands, storing the magic it absorbed. The stronger stones become transformed into lesser versions of the Réaltan, able to produce the body, mind, or spirit magic on their own. Réalteag stones were common in ancient times, but after the Réaltan were transformed into the Tréaltha, no new réalteag stones can be created.



According to myth, these were three stones that fell from the sky and were the origins of magic. It is believed they were used to form the Tréaltha to stop Balgar and his army in the First Great War.



A ball used in the sport of scramble.


Son of a Star Stone

Another name for a réalteag.



A small, portable version of a specular. They vary in shape and size, but denotes any specular that can be carried around by the user. The name comes from a shortening of "compact" and "specular".



Mirrors that are like smart phones or computers and can transmit images, sounds, data, etc.



An extra storage unit for magic. A modern invention that allows users to store magic in a separate container than a wand. It is used when your wand is already at capacity or the user doesn't wish for their wand to be filled to capacity (which can lead to wands being manged.)


spirit magic

One of the three types of magic. It has the power to control the spirit of creatures, both living and dead. Whereas mind magic allows you to manipulate a creature, spirit magic allows you to control them.


Star Stones

Another name for the Réaltan.



A variety of spells used to stun someone.


subtivere "veres"

The vehicles used in the Global Underground Transportation System (GUTS).



A variety of spells used to transport from one place to another.


travel specular

Specular specifically designed to move physical objects from one place to another. They are much, much rarer than regular speculars and travel can only be done between a matching pair. Small travel speculars can be used to move packages or mail where larger ones serve as the entraces to the Global Underground Transportation System (GUTS).



Three talismans created in order to contain Balgar and his legions at the end of the First Great War.



A storage unit for magic. Traditionally, it was used only for storing magic for Wizards, but in the last few centuries, Wizards have become more dependant on using wands not only for storing magic, but to aim and cast spells, too. While Wizards can cast spells using any free piece of magic floating around, they've become so reliant upon wands that they'll often take the magic, place it in the wand, and then cast it.



A type of dragon whose venom is often used in potions.


Nymph Glossary


Amulet given to babies as a protection. Though some are nothing more than symoblic, there are one designed to physically protect the child. They wear them through childhood and remove them when they reach the age of fourteen. It is traditional for bruyas to be passed down through families.


faster than a bwbach can steal a stool

"It'll happen fast". Bwbachs are small creatures that are known for mischief. There is an old folktale about one of them stealing a stool from under a man.


find peace where you are and watch over those who linger

Phrase that mourners say over the grave of a loved one.


Tunic and pant combination used as casual wear.


Funeral procession leader. In funerals, the family and friends of the decesased walk in a procession, leading the body to the burial site. They wear full body fabric coverings with masks representing the ancestors of the deceased who will welcome them into the afterlife. This role is fulfilled by the closest living relative or friend.





Women's formal apparel. It has a chemise that covers the chest and then several yards of fabric that the woman wraps around her stomach and chest. One end is then flipped over the shoulder. It looks similar to a sari or toga.


Anklets worn during dances by women. They vary in design, but generally have bells or lots of metal hanging from it, so it gives off a tinkling of noise when the woman steps.