Made fashionable by Queen Victoria, which is where it got its name (though it wasn’t called a victoria until the 1870s). In the mid-1800s, most wealthy households owned at least a victoria and / or brougham.

It was lower to the ground and had comfortable seating, making it popular with ladies, and had a coachman’s box in front. Though it had a foldable head and apron, it was a fine weather carriage and didn't do well in rain. There was a third seat that could be folded down, but it wouldn’t have been comfortable for long journeys. This carriages had “wings”, which were the name of mud flaps that helped to protect the large skirts of female passengers; they were unique to victoria carriages.

  • Seats: 2 passengers (with a possible 1 more) + coachman &  groom

  • Horses: 1 or 2