Historic Britain


As the Regency Love Series takes place in various counties of in Great Britain, and as a lot of my readers may not be familiar with the them, I thought it might be useful to put together a map of all the places the characters have visited in the books. The stars mark the counties. Around it, I've listed the cities and the individual properties with the owner's name in parenthesis.



City of Greater Edgerton

The Rectory & Newland Mills (Ambrose & Mary Ashbrook)



Village of Farrow

Rosewood Cottage (Mina Kingsley)



City of Thornwood

Kelland Hall (Russell)



City of Portsmouth

Royal Naval Academy

Galway, Ireland

City of Carramore

Ferndale (Patrick & Eloise Lennox)


City of Beckford

Mayfield Court (Nicholas &

Louisa-Margaretta Ashbrook)

Birch View (Frederick & Thea Voss)



City of Holbrook

Pendleton Hall (Norman & Emmeline Andrews)

Crandale Manor (Deirdre Lennox)



City of Bristow

Avebury Park & Gladwell House (Simon & Mina Kingsley)

Buckthorn Manor (Jonas & Arabella Hayward)

Flynmore Cottage (Graham & Tabby Ashbrook)


Acton Court (Noah Andrews)

Bridgerton Court (Nicholas &

Louisa-Margaretta Ashbrook)

Burwell Terrace (Amelia Kingsley)

Caswell House (Norman & Emmeline Andrews)

Trafford Place (Simon & Mina Kingsley)

Wintersmith Court (Ambrose Ashbrook)