The Fairy Tales


Of course, fairy tales are a huge basis for the Guide to Villainy. They're woven throughout the entire guide, but they're not always recognizable. Some of them jump right out, but there are enough that aren't as obvious, that I thought it would be good to break down all the ones I used in the guide.


I've got them labeled under the most commonly known modern name and if you click on the link, it'll take you to the version of the story that most inspired what I put in my book. In some cases, I've got several versions listed on the fairy tale's page as there are multiple versions of the story that I used. There are times when I used brief references to the fairy tales, but this list is broken down by the chapters where I actually shared the story (rather than just referencing it). For example, Cinderella was referenced many times throughout the book, but I listed it under the first chapter because that's where Geoffrey's retelling of it.


You may notice that Sleeping Beauty is listed under several chapters, and that's because I did use that fairy tale in several different retellings. I did that for several reasons. First, I used two different versions of the story -- Sun, Moon, and Talia and Sleeping Beauty (which the Brothers Grimm called Little Brier-Rose). Sun, Moon, and Talia is the earlier version and much darker than the Grimm's story, but similar enough that it is a Sleeping Beauty. By the way, if you're not familiar with it, you've got to read it. Super messed up and fascinating! Second, the Sleeping Beauty story is really a two-part story. The first half of it is about the prince waking the princess up from her enchanted sleep, but in both versions there's another part of the story where our intrepid heroine has to do battle with another foe. So basically, I do use it three times, one is more based on Sun, Moon, and Talia, one is based on the first half of the Sleeping Beauty story, and one is based on the second half.


chapter four

The Frog Prince


chapter five


chapter six

The Brave Little Tailor

chapter seven

Little Brother and Little Sister

chapter eight

Puss in Boots

The Story of a Boy Who Went Forth to Learn Fear