The most iconic style of sleigh, the cutter was probably the most popular sleigh in the 1800s. Most accommodated two passengers, though four-passenger varieties were available. They had “runners” instead of wheels that allowed them to travel through snow, and the front of the vehicle was curved upwards to keep the horses from kicking snow at the passengers. Cutters were intended for leisure outings, and as they were often intended for only two passengers, they were often associated with courting and romantic outings.

Cutters were an American vehicle, though they were found in Britain.


There were two styles available: Portland and Albany (named after the cities they were first designed).


Albany Cutter

The more stylish of the two, the body was similar to that of a cabriolet. The body was more curved and generally, this sleigh was only designed for two passengers (though there are the occasional three or four-passenger versions).

  • Seats: 2 passengers

  • Horses: 1


Portland Cutter

This is the most iconic style of sleigh with a boxier body.

  • Seats: 2 or 4 passenger

  • Horses: 1 or 2