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Blood Magic

2 Blood Magic.png

Where the Dark Knights go, death follows.


Two years ago, Annie faced an agonizing choice—save those she loves or unleash an evil into the world. Weighed down by the dark memories of her past, Annie is a shadow of the person she once was. With fervent determination, she desperately seeks to save countless souls from suffering the repercussions of her choices. But at what cost?


The Dark Knights are on the hunt, slaughtering whole families in their quest to open the Drogue, but when they go after Emma Shaw, Annie sees a chance to atone for her past and save her friend.


But even her relentless drive for redemption might not be enough when facing the Dark Knights on her own…


In this second installment of The Shadow Army Trilogy, M.A. Nichols brings us back to the enchanted world now cursed by darkness.


Buy your copy today and see how the journey continues!

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