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A Holiday Engagement

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A dash of irritation, a pinch of attraction, and they’ve got a Christmas they shan’t forget.


Charity Baxter is trapped in a cage of her own making. After being the tyrant of society for years, she fell from grace—and fell hard. Now, she is overlooked at the best of times and openly despised at the worst of it. Though troubles have a way of changing a person for the better, no matter how she tries to repair her reputation, no one is willing to believe her change of heart.

And matters are only made worse when an irritating naval officer appears in town, determined to pester her. Odious man! Why can he not leave her be? Forever laughing and jesting as though everything is a lark. Pretending all is right with the world when she can see it’s all an act.

Lieutenant Thomas Callaghan is hiding something.

Stranded ashore during the holiday season, Thomas decides to drop in on a friend for a few weeks until he’s free to pull up anchor and sail away. The swirl of the festivities are diverting enough, but far more so when he discovers a dark-haired beauty with fire and spirit, who is so easily provoked by his nonsense and ridiculousness (her words, not his). Yes, teasing and twitting her will definitely help to pass the time.

But Miss Baxter is not so haughty and cold as she seems.

Can he melt her cold facade before Christmas comes to a close? Will she get past his walls before his ship carries him away forever?

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